Business Policy

Refund Policy


All event bookings made through the Coconuts Media Limited booking system are non-refundable. Only in rare cases are refunds provided and only in situations deemed by Coconuts Media Limited to be unavoidable technical errors (for example, when a customer is charged twice for a single booking, or if an error in the system doesn’t record a booking and then the restaurant doesn’t honor it). The validity of a refund request is at the sole discretion of Coconuts Media Limited and will require customers to fully comply with requests for additional information by Coconuts Media Limited. In rare cases when a refund is granted, it may take up to 45-days for the funds to appear in a customer’s account. In a force majeure situation, when unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances cancel the event or an individual booking, Coconuts Media Limited’s first course of action will be to reschedule the event or individual dinners. Only if it is deemed impossible to reschedule the event or individual dinners will refunds be provided. 


Cancellation Policy

It is not possible to cancel an event booking made through Coconut Media Limited’s booking system. However, customers are able to change specific details about their booking (date, name and time). Changes to bookings must be requested through Coconuts Media Limited’s support system only (email: [email protected] or LINE: @BKMagazine). Support requests through any other channels, such as official Facebook accounts or other company email addresses, will not be processed. Changes to bookings are only possible up to 24 hours before the date of the original booking